Working with my Clients

You are the reason I LOVE what I do!!

Each and every client I have the pleasuring of meeting, working with and getting to know, always land in a special place in my heart! I never really understood how much I would miss my clients until wasn’t able to jump behind my camera whenever I wanted to! During the past three months I have been talking with clients and trying to keep in touch. That is definitely not the same as having coffee with someone to stylize their session, or being out there with my camera in my hands, or revealing someone’s images and artwork in person and watching the magic unfold before my eyes. 

If I have ever taken being a photographer for granted before, I never will again! This has truly been an eye opening experience for me. The very first session I was able to capture, once being able to open up again, made me realize my camera is an extension of my being. I think I have always known that, but never really gave it much more than a second thought. I know, weird right? But have you ever thought that about something you love to do or that you wouldn’t be the same without that one thing in your life? If you have, then you know what I am talking about. It is a part of you!

I think I kept it together pretty well during my first session, but there were a lot of emotions that ran through me. I was pretty emotional and I honestly didn’t expect it. I know it will be like this moving forward, with every session! My heart and soul pours into every session I capture. My clients are what make me want to create magic every single day! Without them, I would not be where I am right now.

It doesn’t matter if I have known you my entire life and have taken thousands of images of you or I am just getting the pleasure of meeting you for the first time and haven’t captured a single moment yet, I will always ask a lot of questions because I want to get to know you better! The more I know about the people I am going to work with, is how I am able to create a unique and amazing experience for each of them, from start to finish.

During our initial phone calls and in person (as of lately, video) consultations, I love listening to each clients story. What makes them who they are? Where does their desire come from? How can I make their vision a reality?

I never want every session to be the exact same because, let’s be perfectly honest, that is boring! No one is ever the exact same as the person standing next to them, so why should your session be the same as the last? My creativity soars when I am able to create unique experiences for each of my clients. I want to be able to bring out your personality and what makes you unique in the moments I am capturing. Hence the reason for so many questions!!

All of my clients are so different from each other and because of this, I get to experience so many wonderful things that I maybe would not have experienced otherwise. My clients make my job so incredibly easy and amazing. By allowing me to bring both our visions to life by tapping into what brings out the best of each of them, I get to help create unique magic each and every time. The beauty that make you who you are needs to be captured in such a way, that you will cherish your memories for a lifetime! 

When my clients eyes light up while seeing their artwork for the first time after their session is so amazing to watch and be apart of. Watching their reactions helps remind me they will be cherish their artwork we created together for a lifetime. 

These moments are part of why I do what I do, besides so many other things. The experience you have with me, from start to finish, is so important. I want you to love every step of the way! When you are having fun, then I can have fun and fun is where I am able to stop your moments in time for you to hold onto forever!  

Working with my clients bring out the best in me! I am forever grateful to those who have trusted me, continue to trust me and will potentially trust me in the future to create their own unique experiences. You are one of my driving forces to be better than yesterday!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being you!

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