When Two People Fall in Love

When two people fall in love, time passes a little slower, moments seem a little sweeter, and your days become that much brighter because of the love you share with someone else. Most importantly, anything is possible!!

I love being able to capture exactly that when I am with my couples. All of the special moments in their day are so important, from the first time the bride puts on her dress, to the moment she is seen for the first time, to the first kiss, to the first dance and every tear and laugh in between! I love being able to give them memories they can look back on to remember and cherish the wonderful day they celebrated!!

All of my blog posts so far have been mostly about the things going on around us, with the odd splash of specials and me! I haven’t really taken the time to share with you entire sessions (with the exception of last week) or sneaks from weddings. This week I wanted to take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about a wedding I am still honoured I was asked to be apart of almost 365 days ago!! Tomorrow they will celebrate their one year anniversary. 

When Jaleh & John reached out to me and told me the exciting news about them being engaged and wanted to speak with me about photography, I was so excited I could hardly contain myself! I am not sure if they could hear it through my message back or not, but I was definitely doing happy dances for them and for the possibility I would be able to be apart of their day. I usually get pretty excited about any type of session, but this one put some extra excitement into my soul!! Once they officially asked me to be their wedding photographer, there was something within me that knew every moment we created together, between their engagement session and their wedding was going to be magic. The type of magic that ignites you from within! I wasn’t wrong either. I still remember every moment like it was yesterday and brings that excitement right back to me!

I have known John since way back in public school (we are not going to talk years because that is well, scary to think about) and I met Jaleh through mutual friends many years ago. Both of them separately are such amazing people. They type of people whom you know have hearts of gold and would do anything for anyone they love and care about! But you put those types of people together, then you get a couple that is unstoppable! This might have been why I felt the way I did and we were able to create such genuine moments together.

Their engagement session is one of my most favourites to look back on. We got up at the crack of dawn to catch sunrise and a spring morning full of blossoms! Every step we took was dreamy. It was a morning I will never forget anytime soon.

Now fast forward to July 27, 2019. The day had come to celebrate the love they have for each other with their closest family and friends. Typically, I am a bucket of nerves before any wedding. Honestly, I am like that for any session! I cannot explain it, but it happens every time. That is my usual response to most anything in my world, but there was something about this wedding that was different. Maybe it was because I was  extremely excited to be able to watch these two incredible people say “I will love you forever” or maybe I was just too excited to even notice my nerves!

Either way, I am honoured to have been apart of their day. To be there to capture the special moments these two shared with the closest people in their lives. Everything was simply beautiful!

Happy 1st Anniversary (tomorrow) Jaleh & John!!

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