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Hi Again!

I know, my first blog was just released on Friday, but here I am again. I promise, moving forward, you will only hear from me on Sundays.

There are definitely some ideas floating in my head of where to start and what to share with you. I really wasn’t sure what would be best and seeing that Krystal Klear Photography is currently closed due to COVID-19, I do not have any sessions taking place right now.  I thought I would take the opportunity today and share with you what you can expect when you book a session with me and what an experience with Krystal Klear Photography is like.

Just like most people these days, we turn to the internet to find what we are looking for, whether it be a good place to eat, a great place shop and even where your local photographers are.  If you land on my webpage someday during one of your searches, I hope you take the time to check it all out.

I want nothing more than to give the most amazing experiences to my clients, past, present and future! I pour my heart and soul into every single session I am able to create and want nothing less than beautiful images for you to enjoy!

If you feel I am the one for you and you want to learn more about the experience, first we will speak on the phone! I enjoy talking with everyone first so I can get to know you and hear what your vision is for your session. I also want to give you a sense of who I am and what it is like to work with me. It is extremely important we are a good fit together. I will also go over pricing for your session and the different albums and printed art pieces I offer. If you feel you want to move forward from there, we would then set a time for an in-person consultation.

Here, we will meet either at my in home studio or your favourite coffee shop.  We will talk in depth about your expectations and stylize your session, down to every last detail. We will discuss your perfect location, clothing suggestions, the best date and time for your session and everything in between. You will also be able to see different album and wallart samples, as well as different gifts available to showcase your artwork. We will create a collection unique to your needs. Once we have finalized every detail, it will be time to sign your contract.

In between your in person consultation and your session, I will be there to help you however I can. You are never alone to figure things out. I am here guide you through the entire process, from the very first moment.

During your session, we will have fun! The most common thing I am told after one of my sessions is “wow, you made that so easy” or “that was a lot of fun. I didn’t think we would enjoy it as much as we did because we all hate having our pictures taken.” I am there to capture the honest moments between you and your world. Of course we will make sure to grab a few of the images I like to call the “grandma shots”, where everyone is looking and smiling, but we will 100% create magic in between those as well. The unexpected snuggles, giggles, laughter, embraces and sneaky kisses is where most of the magic lies.

Once your session is complete, we will get together again for your in person reveal and ordering consultation, which is about a week or 2 after your session. This is where you will be able to view your images for the first time and go through them one by one. I will create a slideshow for you to view your images. You will be able to choose your favourites for your chosen artwork at this time. Any changes to your collection can be done here too. We will make sure to create your perfect collection so you can enjoy your artwork every day and generations to come enjoy it as well.

I love seeing my clients artwork displayed proudly around their homes and shared all over their social accounts, which is why after your reveal and ordering consultation, I put together a gallery of your favourite images, so you can share your final collection with your family and friends and post to your social media accounts.

I love what I do and everyone I get to meet and work with. I want your experience with me to be memorable,  fun and unique to you. It is important to me to be able to create memories for you that you can cherish for a lifetime. I love being able to bring our vision to life and give you beautiful heirloom art pieces so generations to come can enjoy them as well.

If you have made it this far and are excited to see how I can bring your visions to art, you maybe wondering what is next. Well, now is a great time for us to speak. I want learn all about you and how I can bring your unique vision to life. Head over to my contact page and send me a message. We will book a time to discuss your session or you can call me directly. I look forward to hearing from you!

Until then, have a wonderful day.

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