As I sit here thinking of everything last year brought me, I remember this sweet face and her family so well. It was incredible to be able to get to know and work with this family. It feels like yesterday she was this squishy wee babe. her big brother was so proud to tell me all about, in between his snuggles and games with mom and dad during her Studio Newborn Session.

I thought it would be fitting to share some of her session with you today, as I cannot believe it has almost been a year since her parents brought her in to see me. We were able to create magic during Miss C’s Studio Newborn  Session. Actually a year ago, on February 7th she made her arrival. She would have celebrated her first birthday just a couple days ago. 

My favourite part of working with any of my clients, is being able to create a session unique to each of their wants and needs. I love getting to know everyone during our time together, right from the very first moment we say our initial hello. It helps me to be able to create a session and moments they can cherish for years to come, unique to each of them.

One thing I definitely wanted to make sure I made happen was a request mom had. Mom & Dad both love horses and the entire family are avid riders. It was only fitting we incorporated Mom’s saddle some how into her session. I love how these images turned out. These are amazing memories to cherish now and to also have to cherish when Miss C is older.

Dad brought his cowboy hat, which was perfect as well. We were able to use it in some images to help connect their session to exactly who this family is. I love being able to do that for all of my clients! Big brother even had a few pictures in dad’s hat. It was clear he loves daddy and wants to be just like him!

Miss C. definitely made me work for her sleepy snuggles, but every single moment was definitely worth it all. She was so content during her entire session. Those eyes though!! I knew she just wanted to show them off for as long as she could. I loved seeing all of her facial expressions. The expressions newborns create are absolutely amazing to watch. I can get memoized by them sometimes! Those are some of the best moments to be apart of.

My moments with all of my clients are precious to me, especially my newborn clients. There is something about their newness. Their teeny tiny features. Their fragile worlds. The joy they bring to their families. The incredible sweet beings they are that make me appreciate them that much more and everything I am able to do for my clients. 

I want to thank all my newborn families for trusting me with your most precious cargo! Thank you for choosing me to create magic for your new beginnings. Thank you for allowing me to snuggle your sweet, sweet babes!!

And Happy 1st Birthday Miss Cate. I hope your day was filled with everything sweet for you and your family spoiled you so much!!

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