It feels like yesterday I was looking at the calendar and it was only January. Then I blinked and suddenly it was February. Now I have blinked again and it is already March, which is so crazy to think about how fast time is flying by. Time really does pass by so incredibly fast the older you get. With us being this far into a new year already, the exciting part is it also means spring is just around the corner! Some of the days already are starting to feel as though spring is closer than we think. 

Spring for me means so many things, but the most exciting part is that the days are getting longer. I love how everything is starting to come to life again and the vibrant colours of the world are not that far away. Sunshine is so much sweeter in the spring because it feels like the excitement of a long lost friend revisiting, especially after the long days of winter. The smell of spring also excites me. There is something about it that brings me to life and helps light a fire in my soul again! Everything about spring helps to ignite my creativity and my own vibrance from within. Do you have a season that does that for you?

After a year of insanity, like what we have all been experiencing, more than ever do I need to have spring get here ~ and get here now to stay!! It always blows me away how fast time flies by at any given time, but the beginning of this year seems to have gone by so much faster than most I can remember. In my next breath though, I do have the feelings inside me that it has also gone by at a snails pace ~ maybe that’s because there hasn’t been much to do. It could also be because of the time of year and what we have been trying to maneuver these past 12 months. 

I am looking forward to getting outside, with all of my incredible clients and capturing the moments we have all been longing for. There are so many ideas I have running through my head, I am not sure I will be able to create them all. Creating magic for my clients fuels my soul and is so special to me!! I need this more than I have ever before. 

This year is potentially going to look very similar to last year for me, but that does not mean I will not be able to create a unique session for you that is all your own!! At the current moment I will only be scheduling individual sessions ~ family, maternity, newborn, children/teens, couples, engagement, personal branding & of course my limited amount of weddings. I will not be hosting any of my Limited Edition Sessions (as most know as ‘mini’ session) I am only doing this because I do not feel comfortable yet having clients back to back to back!! Yes I can clean everything in between, but it leave less time with clients during the day and there are higher chances of clients running into each other. I feel more comfortable knowing I am doing everything in my power to keep interactions at a minimum. Everything is really depending on what the future holds. If things roll out the way they are predicting they will, hopefully by mid to late summer this will change and I can continue to offer these types of sessions for my wonderful clients!!

Here’s to spring ~ to new life ~ to new found excitement ~ to new adventures ~ to the possibility of things continuing on an upward, positive vibe!!

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