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Every year there is a new class of graduates. Those moving from Pre-School to Junior Kindergarten. Those moving from Senior Kindergarten to Grade One. Those moving from Grade Eight to Highschool. Those moving from Highschool to College/University Then there are those who have completed their educational careers and are moving onto their passions and what they have studied so hard for!

All of these milestones along a young persons life are so incredible to witness and more importantly to celebrate. Every graduate I get to celebrate brings such joy to my world because their excitement is infectious. 

With everything going on with COVID-19, it breaks my heart to know there are so many out there not being able to do all things Graduation. Parents and educators are coming up with different and creative ways to make sure everything is still extremely special, no matter what! This lights me up knowing this is happening!

If you haven’t yet or maybe had some hesitations about going all out, I am here to tell you to buy the dress or suit. Find the perfect shoes and accessories. Figure out what is important to your son or daughter and make sure to celebrate any way you can to remember who they are today.

I think we should create something unique and special to allow your graduate to celebrate their achievements from this year. Let’s have some fun together! You know you won’t regret it.

One way to bring all of this together is with a Limited Edition Senior Graduate Portrait Sessions that Krystal Klear is offering again this year, but with a few more options and some savings! I want to make sure everyone gets to have their picture taken at least once in a cap & gown or their special clothing they have been dying to wear.

If you book a FULL Senior Graduate Session for ANY aged graduating senior (Pre-School, Kindergarten, Grade Eight, Highschool, or College/University) you will receive $50 off your Creation Fee, PLUS 25% off ALL Collection Artwork, which can be used for printed artwork or digital collections.

A FULL Senior Graduate Session includes up to 1 hr session in studio or your choice of up to two outdoor locations, unlimited exploratory consultations to stylize their unique session to meet their personality and vision, various outfit changes plus cap & gown images, reveal & ordering consultation after the session, online gallery of the final collection images to share with family and friends.

There are 2 other options if a FULL Senior Graduate Session maybe isn’t for you. Both offer a 30 minute outdoor session at your choice of one location.

Option #1 ($195) ~ one outfit change (your choice of cap & gown or casual), plus one digital image.

Option #2 ($525) ~ two outfit changes (cap & gown plus casual), two Accordion Bragbooks, which holds 12 images. You will also receive the 12 images from your books  to digitally download.

Maybe none of the above suit your needs and all you would like is to have an image of your graduate in their cap and gown. Well, I am here to tell you ~ I have you covered!

The COVID Special ($125) was designed to do just that. You will receive a 15 minute, in-studio session with one background, plus one digital image. These sessions are for cap and gown images only. If you would like one additional casual digital image, you can add that to your collection for $75.

I want to create unique magic for ALL graduates this year. I am here to help you any way I can. You can contact me for full details and book your own unique and personalized Senior Graduate Session.

Looking forward to discussing how I can make your vision come to life!




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