Personal Branding with Vanessa & VHfit

When Vanessa initially reached out about a Personal Branding session, I knew we needed to talk in depth to see how I was going to be able to help turn her vision into reality. I had to find a way to create magic especially for her to showcase everything Vanessa is, plus so much more! It is expected that most business owners do not like being in the spotlight. For some reason we tend to sink into the background to run the show instead of putting our face out there for all to see. It is hard for everyone I talk with about Personal Branding sessions, to want to allow themselves to be the centre of attention.

After speaking with Vanessa I knew I would be able to create everything she needed (plus a little more) but I also knew I had to help calm her reservations before anything could happen at all, just like everyone else I speak with!! I go over ideas, how the session will run and ask a lot of questions. All of this is to help ease my clients into the process, all the while learning more about each of them and to help them figure out if I am the photographer for them and if this session is exactly what they are looking for!

I am a firm believer that every business professional should have beautiful imagery to showcase themselves and what they do! Clients want to see who you are and what it is you can do for them, before they even pick up the phone or send you an email. Personal Branding sessions allow you to showcase everything you are! They help create a bond with your clients before they meet you.

The ideas started to flow from the very first moment I read those words from Vanessa. My excitement grew more and more as each day passed! After speaking with Vanessa and once she decided I was the photographer for her, I jumped in with both feet to start planning everything we were going to accomplish when we were together.

Not only is Vanessa a wife, a mom of 3 gorgeous munchkins and just all around a beautiful soul to know, she is also the proud owner of VHfit-Vanessa Hensel Fitness Professional. She has created her empire with the heart and fire anyone needs to create something so successful! You can find her most days helping her clients transform their own lives, cheering on anyone who she cares about or with her family (most days) running the streets of Meaford. I will admit I have allowed Vanessa to whip me into shape from time to time and I will also admit I do enjoy every minute of it! She is by far one of the best ass-kicking extraordinaires I know!!

On the day of her session, Vanessa welcomed me into her home, her home gym and showed me one of her favourite running trails. While capturing her session, I was able to witness some behind the scenes magic with her biggest fans! These are some of reasons I love what I do. I can be apart of what makes each of my clients light up every day. As the session transformed in front of my eyes, I knew we were creating the exact magic Vanessa needed to showcase herself and her business beautifully!

Vanessa is currently competing to be the next Ms. Health & Fitness. You should head over and check it out. You can follow this link; to cast your vote daily. If she wins (and in my opinion she deserves this so much!!), she is planning on using her winnings to help open up a larger gym, so she can help even more people start (or continue) their journeys and transform their lives! 

Good Luck Vanessa!!

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