Outdoor Meaford Wedding ~ Meghan & Andy

Over a year ago now, I had the privilege to be apart of two pretty wonderful people’s wonderful outdoor wedding in Meaford! The day were two love birds confess their love for one another and say ‘I do forever’ in front of their closest friends and family. I was over the moon excited when they asked me to be apart of their special day to capture their love. I am a sap at every wedding I get to share in and this one was no exception! There is something about them that always brings out the hopeless romantic out of me. 

For all of you who know Meghan & Andy, know very well all about their love for baseball. For those of you who don’t know them very well, I am here to tell you they both share a passion for baseball. This passion runs deep!! As their plans took shape and we spoke more and more about both their engagement session and wedding day, it was no surprise to me there would be a hint of a baseball theme sprinkled throughout both. Honestly, I would have been surprised if they didn’t plan them this way. If they weren’t going to do something, I knew one of them would have tried to sneak something baseball into the mix!  

As their engagement session rolled around, we took to the local baseball field and had a blast capturing their love. We took the time to play a game of baseball and I snapped away as Andy chased Meghan around the bases. I have always known the love these two had for one another, but their engagement session I really got to witness how deep it ran between them.

Fast forward to their wedding day, and we were at that same field (just a different diamond) to watch them say “I love you” with all of their closest people surrounding them! I have be able to be apart of a few weddings which have had baseball decor, but I will admit Meghan & Andy did it the best! 

Every last detail was touched with baseball, some way. The way these two incorporated their passion into their incredible day was absolutely amazing to see and definitely something I will not forget anytime soon. 

Both Meghan & Andy wore their cleats. All the flowers were baseballs. The gifts they gave the grooms attendants were bats. The invitations and dinner menu were baseball programs. They stood at home plate to say their vows. The centre pieces had baseballs in them. The tables were numbered as stadium seating. Their cake stand was a baseball stadium. Their favours were cozies with baseball bats to commemorate their day. And of course their colours were of their favourite team ~ The Toronto Blue Jays!

I love being able to capture every moment, like these, to help my clients cherish and remember their day as they dreamt about it about for generations to come! Every detail at all weddings are so well thought out and planned to help bring the personalities and passions of the bride and groom to life! It is my job to make sure every detail and moment is documented just right. 

There have been many things that have happened for this couple already in their first year. One of the most exciting things is they have become a family of 3! I cannot wait to see what their world brings them and hope I can be a part of more special occasions in years to come!

Thank you Meghan & Andy for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day, and so many other special moments in your worlds. It was such a wonderful day!

Happy 1st Anniversary

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