Outdoor Barn Wedding ~ Brooke & Brandon

Two people who meet and share such a connection do more than fall in love; they change each other deeply and irrevocably. I believe this to be true for Brooke and Brandon! After watching them together, I know anything is possible for them. The love they share for each other could move mountains and I was able to witness just how much love the share for each other every time we met and spoke, but it was especially beautiful to watch on their wedding day, at their outdoor barn wedding.

I was introduced to Brooke by her best friend, Nikki. From the first moment I met Brooke I knew she was an amazing person. She is so incredibly genuine and her presence is so inviting! As we sat together to chat wedding, over coffee, there was something inside me that was dying to be her wedding photographer!! I knew her day was going to be special and I wanted to be a part of that. You can guess my excitement when Brooke reached out and asked me to be their wedding photographer. I was going to be able to capture their moments so they could look back on the memories of their day and cherish every moment they celebrated together!!

When I met Brandon for the first time, or what I thought was the first time, we were all meeting to check out the venue for photography locations. Brandon is another genuine person and I learned he would do anything for anyone! From all the stories I heard at the wedding, this couldn’t have been truer. While we were all together that first time, we came to realize very quickly, we had actually known each other for quite some time. One of his family members use to work with my dad. And soon there after, another connection was discovered between my and Brooke’s father. He was the one who created the sign for my grandfather for the garage.

There wedding took place at The Lambe Family Barn, here in Meaford. It is such a gorgeous setting for any occasion. With the yard set up for the ceremony, the barn set up for dinner and dancing all that was left was to determine where to do their images. My first thought, when shooting at The Barn is the abundance of apple orchards that surround it. There are so many different nooks and crannies to use, you truly don’t need to go any further.

This is exactly what Brooke and Brandon decided was the best for them and their day. I couldn’t have been happier to did! We were able to use different areas both before and after the ceremony to create wedding day magic for them. 

Once we had achieved everything they were looking for, I wanted to make sure I got the bride and groom alone for a few, what I call, “breather moments”. I am a firm believer every couple needs to have at least a half an hour away from their guests to be able to say “hi”. We do use this time to get some very romantic images of just the two of them, but if a couple wants a few moments alone so they can just be together, I will gladly walk away! A wedding is a very busy day and everyone wants your attention. These moments allow for you to breath, take in all that has happened so far, be together as a couple and get ready to celebrate your love for each other as the night carries on!

It is hard to believe 364 days have past since there wedding and they will be celebrating their first year together as husband and wife tomorrow.  

Happy 1st Anniversary Brooke & Brandon

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