Oh how I have missed you!! Have you missed me?? I know I have been MIA for most of this past while and for that I am truly sorry. My hope moving forward is to be more present for you, all the while still taking care of me and what I need in order to be the best version of myself for all of my clients!!

One question I have though, is how are we well over half way through 2021 already and summer is coming to an end?? It is blowing my mind that we are where we are in the year. It is so crazy to think it we have made it to September already!! It feels like yesterday I was staring at the calendar, trying to figure out what my year was going to bring and optimistically looking forward to what 2021 could have in store, both personally and in business. Then I blinked and suddenly we have made it here. The summer has flown by and September feels like it is came way too fast.

With us being this far into another year already, it leaves me wondering what is to come, especially how I can make the most of what is ahead. The thing that scares me the most is everything feels a lot like last year!! Maybe the only difference is we are potentially moving in a positive direction and getting back to a world we once knew. Things will definitely look a lot different, I would expect nothing less, but maybe a new “normal” will be right there with it. I am trying to be increasingly optimistic, as each day passes, this time around and hope we are on the right path. Fingers crossed!!

I have to be completely honest though…this past lockdown really took its toll on me. Truly, the entire pandemic maybe has finally caught up with me and has left its mark. This last time around I found myself struggling with day to day life, along with trying to keep my creativity soaring and ambition high. It seemed liked such a task to want to make anything happen. The highs were extremely high but those lows were lower than I have ever seen before. I found many days slipping by and feeling as though nothing was accomplished, while becoming exhausted before dinner was even made. COVID fatigue is a real thing and I got it bad!! 

Being where we are and hopefully where we are heading means so many things. I try and take in the positive of each day to help bring myself back to life!! The most exciting part of summer for me were the longer days and warmth of each days sun. I love how everything is so vibrant and feels like a breath of fresh air. The sunshine is so much sweeter during the summer!! It feels like mother nature is giving you a warm embrace. Sunrises and sunsets are something dreams are made of. Everything summer excites me to no end. There is something that comes with it that helps bring things out in me I maybe forgot in the months prior. Welcoming the summer this year meant even bigger things for me than years past, but it didn’t come without some hesitations!!  I will say though, even though it is taking longer, summer slowly brought me back to life and I am so thankful for that. Somewhere in its midst, I found something that helped light the fire in my soul again!

I have taken this past few months to really try and ignite my creativity and my own vibrance from within again, so I can make magic in the months ahead. After the past year and a half of this insanity, more than ever, I need September to fuel me with a vengeance so it has the potential to stick around this time. I miss it! I need it! I want to have it back! I desire to have my soul replenished! Fall seems like the perfect time to have fresh new starts and ignite what was once there.

I was so excited when the Ontario Government allowed photographers to open their doors again in June and create magic outside. It was exactly what I needed. I had no idea how I was going to pull it off, but I was hopeful of what it could mean. It was even more exciting for me when we were allowed to operate indoors. I was still hesitant to resume my sessions indoors but I was willing to give it a try. At the same time, at that point, something within me shut down. I think the overwhelm of it all finally caught up and I went into shock.

With all of that going on July & August were amazing months!! Everything seemed to be somewhat falling back into place, even if I was in a bit of a fog. As the days passed, the fog slowly lifted! If this pandemic has taught me anything, it is to slow down and you don’t have to do it all!! 

The rest of this year is potentially going to look very similar to last year for me, but that does not mean I will not be out creating unique sessions for my clients that are all their own! There are so many ideas I have running through my head, I am not sure I will be able to create them all. Creating magic for my clients is definitely something that helps to fuel my soul and being able to spend that time with each of them is so special to me. I need this more than I have ever before.

I have taken the time over the last while to really look at what I want and what I want to see moving forward with Krystal Klear. As much as I love the different Limited Edition Sessions (previously known as ‘mini’ sessions), at the current moment I will not be hosting any. I am doing this because I would much rather give you the most incredible experience during your unique and personalized session than only have a limited amount of time with you. I also do not feel comfortable having clients back to back to back!! Yes I can clean everything in between, but it leave less time with clients during the day and there are higher chances of clients running into each other. I feel more comfortable knowing I am doing everything in my power to keep interactions at a minimum. I have pondered the idea of only offering certain ones a couple times a year, but everything is really depends on what the future holds.

So much has changed in the last while!! Some things for the better, some for maybe not the greatest, but everything is happening for a reason. This past year and half has really made me look at who I am as a person, a business woman, where I want to be, what I want to create and how I am going to make it all happen without sacrificing what means the most to me!!

Here’s to the rest of the year ~ to finding a new vibrance ~ to renewing my ever growing passion ~ to creating excitement within ~ to many more wonderful adventures ~ to the optimism of things continuing on an upward roll!!

See you on the other side of the lens!!

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