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The excitement within me is over the top right now. Can you hear the squeals or feel the happy dances or see the smiles going on over here yet? If you can’t, just wait, you will and it is contagious!! 😘

As I am sure most of you have read or heard by now, the Ontario Government has implemented a regional approach to move into Stage 2. Grey Bruce is on the list of regions that was allowed to open a few more services as of June 12, 2020 at 12:01am. The most exciting part for me (and you), is that Photography Studios and Services was listed as one of those able to resume work.

Not every region within the province is allowed to work yet, so please note this means some photographers were not able to open on Friday. I will ONLY be photographing those who live in the allowable regions because of this. I do not want to take business away from photographers who cannot legally work yet! If you are in any of those regions unable to move into Stage 2, please wait to hire local.

On March 13, 2020, I voluntarily closed Krystal Klear Photography to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and have remained closed in accordance with the guidelines set out by our Government. From the very beginning I have been taking things very seriously and continue to do so. I need to continue to do my part to help make sure the risk of spreading COVID-19 remains as low as possible.

I have been diligently working to put new policies and procedures in place for the very moment I would be allowed to open my doors again and jump behind the camera.

As the weeks ahead progress, I will make sure I follow all the guidelines our Government and Public Health issues to ensure the health, wellbeing and safety of my family, clients and myself. These will always be taken care of first, as these are of the utmost importance to me!

The new policies and procedures will need to be followed in order to book and complete a session with Krystal Klear. They can change in an instant, as the rules and guidelines change. Contracts and booking forms have all been modified to include COVID-19 protections for both myself and my clients.

On June 15, 2020, I will officially be opening Krystal Klear Photography again, with some restrictions put into place initially I feel I need to adhere to for everyone involved. 

I will be offering outdoor family, milestone, children, graduate, maternity, engagement and personal branding sessions ONLY at this time. Outdoor boudoir sessions are available, with some limitations (message me for specific details). As well, I will be shooting outdoor lifestyle newborn images of parents snuggling with their baby, while maintaining social distancing, like other sessions.

At the present time, I will NOT be offering ANY in studio posed newborn sessions. I am not ready to open my studio doors right now, as it is in my home. I feel I need to keep my family in consideration while deciding these rules!! As things progress, I will take a look at each situation carefully to decide what is the best course of action at that time.

PLEASE DO NOT FRET!!! This does not mean I will never open my studio for indoor sessions. I just need to make sure I can adequately service my clients, while keeping them and my family safe, in accordance to all the mandated guidelines!

The following measures have been put in place to ensure everyone is safe during an outdoor (and indoor) session with Krystal Klear. I want to make sure I am taking extra precautions for your family, especially if we are capturing moments of your newest addition.

What does this mean moving forward?

You will be required, by law, to answer a pre-screening health questionnaire and read all of our policies 24 hours before your session. It will be emailed to you the day before your session, with the expectation you will read and fill out the questionnaire. There are no exceptions for either of these steps! If neither of these are completed, I will be forced to reschedule your session or cancel completely if you do not follow protocol. ALL clients will have to sign their questionnaire at the time of their session, as well as sign a photography release, waiver and the policies. These are required by law for contact tracing and our insurance purposes.

Absolutely, under no circumstances will I continue with a session or allow anyone to enter the studio (once open) if you have, or have had a fever, cough, sore throat or are feeling unwell up to 2 weeks prior to your session. If you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in at least the 2 weeks prior to your session, please let me know and we will reschedule. At the same time, please know if I come down with any symptoms, I will advise clients and we will reschedule sessions as needed.

For ALL sessions, I will be following the social distancing guidelines, as much a possible, with a minimum of 6’ between my clients and myself. We will take our time to make sure I am giving you clear directions throughout your session as I will not be physically posing anyone, as much as I typically would. For sessions with younger children, mom or dad (or persons from the same household or ‘social circle’) will need to be close by in order to help children with directions, where needed. 

Groups larger than 10 people, who are not from the same household or apart of the same ‘social circle’, will unfortunately not be able to book a session at this time, unless we have a clear plan to photograph family groupings 6 feet apart and I will then digitally move you closer together (message me for specific details).

I will be using adequate lens to help ensure and maintain the required social distancing measures when needed. When I creatively feel I need to use a different lens, please know I will still maintain proper distancing in order to keep all of us safe.

During any session, when we are not able to comply with the mandated social distancing rules, I will be wearing a KN95 mask, especially when indoors. All of my equipment will be sanitized between every session. If you wish me to wear a mask and gloves at all times during our time together, I will respect your wishes and do so. Please note, I will not be able to wear gloves during a newborn session because I will not risk them slipping. The gloves I have are NOT surgical grade and are a looser fit. There is a chance they can slip off, which puts your baby at risk. I am not willing to put a newborn (or anyone) at risk ever, so I will be washing/sanitizing my hands multiple times before and throughout each session. I will provide surgical masks for anyone who feels they would like one, as well as separate hand sanitizer for you to use, to limit contact between us.

When I decide to allow in studio sessions, they will be available for posed newborn sessions ONLY at this time. I need to limit the amount of people who will be joining me in my home and I want to keep our most precious gifts safe!

I take pride with the safety and cleaning practices I have always taken to help keep my clients safe, but additional and necessary steps will be taken to proactively clean the studio, fabrics, props and wraps before and after every session. All of the following measures were already being taken for every indoor session, but especially for newborns.

The studio is vacuumed and mopped with disinfectant prior to every session. All counter surfaces and bathrooms are cleaned with disinfectant, as well as I will be cleaning all door knobs and light switches before and after each client. Any and all fabrics, props, wraps and unique items for your session will be disinfected and sanitized every time they are used as well.

During our pre-consultation, we will determine which props (especially newborn) will work best for our vision. Sadly, all props will not be on display in my studio space and I will no longer allow any to be touched by anyone but myself, unless specifically during your session. When necessary, I will handle all props while we discuss what will be used during our time together. They have been moved into a separate room without client access. Only those specifically discussed items will be available during our time together.

All paper products like samples and magazines have been removed from the studio, as well as all toys. Clients will still be asked to remove shoes at the door and to please use the hand sanitizer, located on a small table inside the main entrance, upon entering and leaving. Hand sanitizer will be available in numerous locations around my studio. There is a client bathroom available in case of a bathroom emergencies.

Unfortunately, coffee, water and snacks will not be offered until further notice. You are more than welcome to bring those things with you, but if you bring in a coffee or snacks, please take it out with you. I have bags I will give you so you can take your garbage with you. This helps keep everyone safe.

Children, friends and spouses will not be permitted in the studio with you to wait during your session, unless they are apart of the session itself. I have limited space and cannot properly social distance everyone.

Unfortunately for the time being, I can no longer take payments on site. Please make any required payments via e-transfer or credit card before your session. Payments following your reveal and ordering consultation can be made via the same methods.

As well, until further notice, I will ONLY be taking on a maximum of two sessions per day, with plenty of time in between each to ensure clients do not cross paths with one another, as well as additional time will be needed between EVERY session to be able to clean, sanitize and disinfect everything properly and effectively that was used during our time together. 

It still breaks my heart I had to reschedule all my sessions that were on my calendar back when all of this started, but it was absolutely a necessary step I felt and I am glad I took to help keep the safety and risk low for all my clients, especially newborns!! As of today, I have rescheduled everyone who was previously booked and have reached out to all those on my waiting list. We will get you booked in for your pre-consultations and sessions first. You can also call me this week and we will get everything taken care of.

I know some of these precautions and policies may seem excessive, but I am not willing to take any risks while working with my clients, ever!! These adjustments will allow me to be able to capture your special moments all the while keeping everyone safe.

You have no idea how excited I am right now to be able to pick up my camera again. I can’t wait to see all of you very soon ~ look out ~ I am on a mission now!!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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