Benefits of Hiring a Family Photographer

Hiring a professional photographer means you will be able to take in your moments and cherish the entire experience, without the stress and headaches of doing it all yourself. Plus, there are so many other benefits of hiring a family photographer you maybe haven’t considered.

Some neh-sayers may tell you there is nothing a professional photographer cannot do with their camera that they cannot do with their phone, for a lot less or even for free. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some pretty incredible things our phones can do, including take some pretty incredible images. With that said though, wouldn’t you want to know the time and effort you put into capturing your family is going to be all worth it at the end.

A photographer who has the technical know-how and experience will capture high-quality images that are visually appealing and creative. They have the skills to adjust lighting, composition, and other factors on the fly to create imagery that is aesthetically pleasing and convey the emotional connection you have with your family. Photographers also know their equipment inside and out, as well as all the other tools of the trade, to create magic with you.

I will say this ~ if your photographer is constantly calling themselves a professional photographer ~ they are probably not! Your electrician doesn’t call themselves a ‘professional electrician’. You know they are a professional because of their expertise and knowledge of their trade. The same goes for photographers! 

Family photographer captures session in a picturesque outdoor setting, surrounded by natural beauty.

Why Would You Want To Capture Your Children And Family Moments? Why Does It  Matter? Capturing your family moments is like preserving a piece of your personal history. Your imagery serves as a time capsule, a way of freezing all your moments in time, that can and will be revisited and cherished for a lifetime.

What Are The Benefits To Hiring A Family Photographer? As we grow older, memories can fade and details become fuzzy. Having visual reminders of these incredible moments help to keep them fresh in our minds and hearts. Looking back on old photos is a great way to bond with family members. Sharing stories and memories with future generations is priceless.

Any photographer, worth your time and hard earned money, has an established track record. They bring years of experience, a truck load of training and knowledge to be able to handle any situation. Photographers are able to put all their technical skills into action to ensure that the lighting, composition, and focus of your images are as they need to be to create stunning imagery you will love.

It also means less stress for you! Photographers strive to offer clients a wide range of services that you may not be able to access otherwise, from guidance on clothing and locations best suited for your vision, to hair and make up and choosing the perfect artwork for you and your family. They are there with you every step of the way to ensure your experience is as stress free as possible.

Are Professional Family Photos Worth It? The short answer ~ Absolutely! They have the power to take you back to an exact moment in time. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense at first, the benefits of having a professional at your finger tips is invaluable. They are there to make sure you look your best, you are in the moments instead of the one capturing them, and so you are able to experience a fun and enjoyable time with your family. Photographers and your imagery are both an investment you will cherish for years to come.

How Do I Choose A Good Family Photographer? When you are on the search for a family photographer, there are a few things you should consider before you book. A must, look at their portfolio. If you are not drawn to their artwork, you will not love your own imagery. A photographers portfolio is a reflection of their artistry. Asking them to produce something that looks like someone else’s art is not going to end well for anyone. 

Something else to consider is how you feel with your photographer. You should feel a connection to them, almost immediately. You should feel relaxed and comfortable within minutes of speaking. If you don’t get good vibes, they are not going to be the right one for you, so don’t book them. When you are uncomfortable around someone, it shows and that will be showcased in your final imagery as well.

A good photographer will take the time to understand your story and what makes you truly unique. They will want to learn as much about you as they can, so they can better understand how they can bring their creativity and eye for detail into your session, to help create a unique session tailored to you and your vision of your session. 

What Makes A Good Family Photographer? There are many things that make a photographer good, even a great photographer. The passion they put into you, your family and your session is huge. Great photographers want nothing more than for you to have an amazing experience with them. As well, they will have more patience for all situations than most can comprehend. They are there to help alleviate any stress, worries or burdens you feel about your session. You will be able to lean on them for anything. 

How Often Should You Take Professional Photos? Capturing family moments at least once a year is a great way to document how your family has grown and changed over time. When your children are younger, capturing their growth more often is a wonderful way to see their ever changing growth. Twice a year will help give you a reflection of the previous months. Seeing how children have grown and developed, or how family dynamics have shifted, is a valuable tool for reflecting on the past and planning for the future. As your children grow up and your family changes, you’ll be able to look back at these photos and remember those special moments.

Playful family interaction captured by family photographer in a candid moment of joy and laughter

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Have Professional Photos Done? There really is no ‘best time of year’ to book a session, but planning ahead is always best. Any time of year is a great time to book your family session. To help figure out when is perfect for you, your photographer will help you think about your favourite season. Do you love fall colours? Do you feel most at home at the beach? Is snow absolutely the best to you? Or spring, when things are starting to bloom again, does that make your heart skip a beat? 

Another thing to take into consideration is your schedule. If you have a jam packed schedule during the winter months, maybe that is not the best time to book your family session. You are adding stress that isn’t needed! Fitting something extra into your already busy life can be daunting, so let’s look at a time that isn’t as overwhelming.  

Why Do Professional Photos Matter? Your artwork matters for so many reasons. The benefits of hiring a family photographer to capture your moments, means the quality of imagery and artwork you receive is higher quality. Statement pieces, if you will, to showcase around your home with pride of your moments in time, is something you will always look back on and cherish for generations. These photos are a source of comfort and joy, especially as time passes and loved ones may no longer be with us.

While hiring a photographer to capture your family photos may seem like a luxury, it is a very smart investment that will pay off in so many ways. Hiring the right photographer for your family session will be a fun and exciting experience for the whole family. It’s a chance to dress up, spend quality time together, and create lasting memories. They will help you achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently, while also providing a positive and enjoyable experience

I will leave you with this, if you haven’t already, consider scheduling your own photography session with your family. Now is the time to do so, after learning some benefits of hiring a family photographer ~ you won’t regret it!



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