This sweet baby boy came to see me when he was 10 days new for his Studio Newborn Session!! It was so incredible to be able to capture his session for mom and dad before the lockdown hit. I don’t think lockdown was even in our areas vocabulary yet when I had the privilege of snuggling mister Benjamin!! He was such a sweet little man and rocked his session. Nearing the end of his studio newborn session, he was incredibly alert and wanted nothing more than to check out his surroundings!!  

While planning for this session, I had learned mom and dad really enjoy baseball, as well that Blue Jays are their favourite team. There was no question in my mind then we had to make sure we captured this with their little man! Dad brought his favourite jersey and they also brought along their bats, gloves and balls. I love being able to use meaningful items from parents during a session. It brings so much more to each session and helps it so much more their own.

Getting to know all of my clients is vital for me. It helps me create unique sessions for them and the only way I can truly understand what makes them so special. I want to be able to bring to life what means the most to each and every family. What is special to one family, may not be to another and that is what is so amazing about it all!! Your special could be anything!! Favourite teams, occupations, something you love to do as a family, like fishing, etc. or even a place you love more than anything.

During the process of getting to know this family, we also discussed their love for reading. I learned Harry Potter is one of their favourites and it was the theme for Benjamin’s nursery. This was another thing I wanted to make sure I captured for them. What a cute piece of artwork for anywhere in their home, an image of their precious bundle as Harry Potter surrounded my all things they love?

Creating unique magic for each client I work with is very important to me!! The more information you share with me, the more personal I am able to make your session. As this family was with me, we talked the entire time. Being able to connect with everyone I work with is something I strive for every single time!! I want clients to feel comfortable with me always. This is especially important when I am capturing their newborn session. Having a connection with your photographer can make a huge different before, during and after your session. I think of every client like family!! I especially love when I am able to watch families grow over the years.  

It is hard to believe this sweet bundle celebrated his 1st birthday just a few days ago. I hope your day was filled with everything amazing for you. I also hope your family spoiled you. Happy 1st Birthday Benjamin!!



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